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Morocco is in many ways a country apart.


Morocco is one of the popular countries in Africa, which offers a mix of experience for people to enjoy from other parts of the world. Morocco is one of the famous countries, which lets people enjoy desert locations and some of the fine plantations without compromising on the quality. The country belongs to the continent of Africa, but it is separated from other parts of the continent with the help of high Atlas Mountains to offer a different kind of experience for travellers. The country is closely related to Mediterranean conditions unlike other parts of Africa. It is evident that Morocco has attracted a lot of people from different parts of the world compared to other countries in the continent because it provides lush highland valleys and desert to have a mixture of feeling while enjoying the journey. The desert of Sahara follows through the horizon, which plays an important role to forbid Kasbah stare.

Location, Geography, and Climate

Morocco is located in the extreme northwest corner of Africa, which is separated from the rest of the continent with Atlas valleys. The country is bordered by Algeria and Mauritania towards east and south respectively. The Country’s geography has more than four separate mountain ranges and some of the popular river valleys and sandy coasts. A wide expansion of desert attracts a lot of visitors to enjoy the area in an effective way.
There are three different valleys, which covers the country and offers a magnificent landscape experience for travellers. The middle Atlas, The high atlas and the Anti atlas are the popular valleys, which offers a different culture from the rest of the continent. The highest peak of the country is Jebel Toukbal, which is measured at 13665ft and offers a spectacular view for people to enjoy the location. The coastline of Morocco connects both Mediterranean and Atlantic region, which offers great beaches for people to enjoy in an effective way. The mountain ranges desolate expanse of the desert of Sahara and rivers flow down from the High Atlas mountain to support river valleys.
The climate condition in the country is dry in most of the seasons, but people can experience a decent amount of rainfall anytime between November and March. The temperature can reach extremely high in hot or summer seasons and it is important for people to avoid because it may not be suitable for most of the people. The high altitudes are known to offer cool conditions in the summer and extremely cool in the winter season. It is highly recommended for people to visit the country during the early summer season because it helps them to enjoy warm climate conditions and pleasantly cool during night times.

History & Culture

The country offers a rich history and attracts most of the history lovers. The history starts with Berbers, who are known to have inhabited the location from the 2nd century BC ROME. They extended the rule over the country till 146BC and known to have fallen to Roman Empire. The ruins are still found in some locations in the country.
Romans rules over the region for a long time before falling to Vandals and Arabs in the 7th Century. The Arab rule in the country lasted for more than a century and offers a huge amount of Muslim culture all over the country. Islam took place permanently in the country with the help of Arab rulers for over 100 years in the region.
By the 15th Century, Portugal and Spain started intrusion into the country. Morocco managed to defend the intrusion for a long time, but by the middle of 19th Century, European powers were too great to demolish Arab empire successfully. Most of the European countries have started to fight among each other to gain power in the country before settling in some places.
In the year 1911, France formally declined to stay as a protector of the country. Span Managed to receive a lot of isolated locations from France. France finally stepped down from the rule in 1953 without damaging much on culture or heritage.
The country is ruled by King Mohammed IV, who appears to have long-term stability over the country with the help of prospective economic developments from time to time.